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Very good application for Anime

Very good site for anime always up to date... would recommend it to friends

The app

I got to app then I can’t see any of the anime covers in force to search it


It’s great but I have problems with it freezing or failure to load.

Complete crap/waist of money

Title speaks for itself

complete waste of money

i literally only bought it to watch naruto shipudden dub and they don’t even have it! i’m out man... complete waste and on top of that it’s HEAVLY loaded with adds



Great app

I just cancled my crunchrole ,hidive and funmation !!when i noticed kissanime was back and i got a iphone 7 .now everything works great (big step up from 4s )everything that was on the 3sites i cancled is on kissanime and the savings are great! With my iphone 7and 5g internet it works fast and has great speed !loading could be a little quicker but they will fix it !!!3/27/18 what is youre problem!!!!! You do a update and screw everything up !!!!i now start videos and i get sent to the app store or told to scroll down to pick a server and when i do i am sent to a porn video of oral sex !!!!fix this $#*+ you cant be this stupid!!!i dumped the app restarted it now it seems ok you need to see if res and dev put a bug in it ????? 5/1/18 well things are allot better now !!!!dont know what the problems were caused by before but they seem to be gone !!!!works great now !! Lets see how long it lasts before they do a update and screw everything up ???well it is 8/2/18and what a mess!!!site is slow as a turtle climbing A snow covered hill backwards in the middle of a blizzard with greesed feet !!!! Come on people you have the best anime site on the internet and you let this happen ???i know it isnt my iphone 7 it works great everywhere else and the internet cable provider checked everything else out and its all great signal !! Come on it was working great untill 2 weeks ago !!what did you do !! Ps ! Dint write app support it doesnt exist code 404 server not found !!

Still filled with bugs

Your app still has a lots of bugs. After purchasing the ad free upgrade, I rest the app like I was instructed. I then tried to play videos from the home search function but it would always abruptly freeze on me, waiting did nothing neither did closing down and reset the app or phone. I have a similar problem when trying to use my favorites list as well.


very good

Baaaaad bad baaad

Omg I just wasted 2.99$ on app that couldn’t even show the posters in anime list ! And guess what? I tried to play episode from Bleach in SD quality and nothing happened but stupid ads showed up! Then I tried the HD quality and what ? It opened a ‘window’ of kissAnime website with message ‘saying it’s error So why opening a window of website once I have Safari ?? I’ve repeated the whole process using VPN and it didn’t work either! So kindly I want my money back .


So, I wanna start by saying that this app is amazing! I can watch my favorite anime’s (Which btw my current fav is Aikatsu Stars!) on this app. But I have one complaint. That’s why I’m giving this app a 4. So, my only complaint is THE FREEZING!!! I stay up pretty late. Ergo, I stay up watching ANIME late. So, I’m usually on my bed watching Aikatsu Stars. But the freezing is so annoying! It freezes ALL THE TIME! Every 10 mins! I’d have to close the app then restart and just UGH! It’s so annoying! So, yeeaaah. That’s my only complaint. If the developers read this. It would mean the world to me if you could fix this tiny little bug. Other than that! I would definitely recommend this app. It’s absolutely amazing! 10/10!!!! I would give this app 5 stars but just the one problem really gets to me! But yeah. If you love anime, then download this app! It’s just so good! Keep it up guys!!! ~~•~~ Anime Lover ~~•~~

Bugged (i think)

It keeps freezing when i tap stuff, its very constant and kind of annoying

I love this app but I have one problem

For android users this app is free for iPhone users we have to pay 2.99$ plus tax 3.18$ but is this a monthly charge I can’t seem to find any info on charger me monthly. Any suggestions?


so I’ve been using the KissAnime app for a while but every time I try to watch an episode of an anime, an article pops up and can’t watch anything!!! ;( and today I even bought the remove ads, which worked but I still get the article pop ups and amazon reward card stuff which is very annoying Please Fix this problem it will definitely be a good way for this app to get 5 stars

Good app

One of the best Anime streaming apps, you should add Manga too




Good visual quality on the anime and is kept updated with latest episodes but there are too many adds on the screen at once and it makes it easy to lose what you’re watching. I suggest something is made so that you can continue watching something where ever you left off. Other than that it’s a pretty good app.


This app is really awesome, yet I hope to see improvements on the interface in the near future.

It’s good

I’m having trouble finding the way to change the language on this app and idk if u can or not but could y’all send me a answer if u can or not please

Works but could be designed better

I’m not sure if it’s impossible cuz it uses kissmanga but it could be designed better. A most popular, trending, and updated page with a more friendlier design would be better but it’s great as is



It loads


Really good

Not a let down it’s too dope


I like the way it’s put


Works well and updates come in on time. Just wish for Naruto Dub and the ability to search for English anime names as well, some are just Japanese. Really good, reliable app though!

Fix please

This app would be good if not every time I try to load an episode it says please try again file not able to load

Ads, error loading

There is some issues and questions I have. Why do we have to pay 3 dollars for a app that has Ads in the beginning. For a app that sometimes has trouble in loading a video. I don’t get it. Needs to be fixed the errors of loading and remove ads because people already paid for the app that’s my opinion on things.

Ugh this is a bad app😡😡

Ight imma keep it straight this is the most stressful app ever it won’t let me do anything or search any anime or it won’t let me scroll down or up and the videos won’t start at all


My favorite app so far must have for anime lovers

Not Worth It AT ALL

It is an app that you PAY for just to have a thousand ads pop up before you get to watch an episode just to get you to pay another 5.99 to have them disabled. This app is trash and should be taken off the market. VRV is a much better experience.


This was my favorite app until things went left and all of a sudden my shows didn’t want to play and when I pushed the play button it would take me straight to a different website PLEASE FIX

Good app has both sub and dub.

My only complaints are it doesn’t load the anime’s sometimes and gives viruses.

Used to be good

This app can’t even work! I paid for your stupid remove ad thing and also paid for the app 2x! I am spending all my money on your stupid and fake app! It used to be less, are you trying to mess with me? It seems like! Because you need to make the paying more fair or I will tell as much people as I can to not get the app if you don’t change it, please reply and sorry but I was mad...

This is great and I’m shook

I always used Kissanime on my laptop and I never knew there was an app. This is amazing 😭

Love but needs more anime movies

I’ve been looking around for my hero academia movies and can’t any no where can please add those movies on there


Love the app wish you would show what episode you were on last though until then I will only rated four stars


The app is amazing. However minor errors where episode intros have no audio and slight freezing. Besides that perfect.


The worst app I have ever seen and used. Biggest waste of money in the world. Im ashamed.


Great app. Shell out $7-8 for the ad free experience and it works for most anime out there. A better way of keeping up with your shows, such as a follow button to get a notification when a new episode is added, would be enjoyed. Favoriting a show is good enough, but would just make the experience better if I didn’t have to manually check everyday. Not necessary, but cleaning up the interface would also help make the app look nicer and cleaner. It’s not difficult to find the anime you are looking for, but just having a nice interface makes using an app feel that much better. Regardless, a great app that is great for anyone who wants a place to watch their favorite shows on the go.

Landscape mode in ipad ?

There is no landscape mode in ipad pro. I dont know about other device but not for pro model need to update with that. This is a paid app and this simple feature which makes a big difference is not there.

Great but some issues

Usually when I try to watch a show it either freezes or just wont start, otherwise it’s a great app!

I would recommend to my friends.

Good app!



mechanical and signal reading

When i first downloaded this app i was expecting a good quality app but while i have this app on my phone ive been having a bunch of issues with it my first issue is the mechanical problem first of all when i went to report an issue on the settings it wouldn’t work and i also have an issue with how its setup the way its setup makes it very easy to lose your episode in your favorite anime and also to he dovelopers i recomend putting a title when you click an episode because its didficult to remember the episode you were on if the anime your watching has 500 episodes but the other issue is signal readings this app has a really difficult time running even when im in my wifi and also when i click on an episode most of the time i haft to wait 5 to 10 mins for it to load in... Thats all the issues i have but other that rhose issues i have no problem with the app but if any one has simular problems just send a review ill be checking every day

Amazing App

As far as my experience goes this app is really amazing. There are some problems with this app though. Sometimes I choose an episode on an anime, and an ad pops up on the link. On SD sometimes the videos won’t load. Otherwise, great app.

Keep deleting my favorite's

There must be a bug or something because every time I get on the app it's working fine,but then when I got on it awhile later it was taking to long to load,then when it got done loading all my anime in the favorite section was gone.I had to find them all over again. Now the same thing is happening and it's taking even longer than before,and once again everything is deleted.i like this app verey much and would like to give it five stars,but not until that problem is I will leave it at three because other than that there is nothing wrong with it.

This app is fake

As the title suggests, this app is fake. It is not related in any way, shape, or form, to the Tried logging into my account after downloading, and it kept saying that I had an incorrect email/password. Even after getting on my computer and changing my password and successfully logging in to the browser site, it would not let me log in. Don’t wast your time or money on this fake. 0/10


It’s a good app overall Subbed & Dubbed Anime. Just Fix This Bugs & Make The App More Stable.

Crashes so much

I like the app but the crashing makes it unbearable


Constant advertisements that stay on repeat, it gets so frustrating. And on top of that the videos don’t even play

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