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It’s amazing

too many ads.. this is a paid app 😕

i used to really love this app... until all of the ads started to come... i payed for this app so rlly there shouldnt be ads... but o well


Lots of issues but love the quality

Good but could be better

It is a good app but frequent when I try watching anything it kicks me out of the app

Ok yet,

Sometimes when I go on KissAnime, All of my saved Animes get deleted for no reason. Please fix this issue because it’s really irritating finding the anime I was watching and figuring out where I left off


It’ll be better if the developer learned to update the anime atleast once a month 🙄

Leave it the way it is

Why would you take certain shows down stop messing up stuff.

It great

There so much videos to watch I don’t mind.

Waste of time

Always freezes


So I’ve been using the app for a while but all the movies are gone like spirited away, howls moving castle etc :( I wish for all the studio ghibli movies to come back please

High praise with constructive criticism

I absolutely love this app. It is easy to navigate, has a plethora of anime and more, let's you sign in and create a favorites list, provides sub and dub and most importantly does NOT interrupt an episode with an ad. Despite all this I feel like there could be minor improvements. When you select a server or another episode you are introduced to an ad. Normally nothing of concern, a five second wait provides little deterrence; however, the insane hounding of this ad process seems to have corrupted some of the server codes to the point of nearly crashing. Other benign instances result in an irremovable ad from the screen that resetting seems necessary. Overall wonderful app. Thank you!

Needs to be fixed

Quit changing the app! It was working fine a few weeks ago but as of recently you’re no longer able to watch anything on it. Instead of having 4 links it only gives you 1 link which doesn’t work at all. Another issue is them erasing all the shows I have saved in my cache so you have to add them back again, very annoying and frustrating. Please fix these issues so the app can be functional again

Terms and conditions link just goes to spam

Tried to read the terms and conditions link in the app and just kept getting spam and never the terms and condition to read. Big red flag.

One of the easiest way to watch anime but annoying

If you have a anime favorited because you know that you forget which anime you watch but let say you been off the app for a few days or a week it will literally unfavorite everything you have then you have to remember what you watch and what episode you were so just stop. Stop deleting our anime we favorited because it’s easier to find

Good but issues

It’s good if you don’t want to pay for crunchy roll but obvious fake “phone at risk” pop ups are abundant and I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this issue but sometimes ever anime I have favorited are just unfavorited. I have to favorite them one by one and it’s extremely tedious, so hopefully but slim chance they actually fix these issues since the last update was 6 months ago :/ Also there’s problems with the links to watch your shows, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t



Fix your app

I use this app often and then for some random reason everything I save disappear every time what is this bs

Fix your app

Love the app but every couple weeks the server keeps resetting my list of anime’s so now I have to re add them this is the 5th time this happens and I cant contact support!

Kiss anime

I love this app probably one of the best anime apps I’ve ever used the only problem I have is I do make a long favorites list to watch what I want to watch on there and every so often my entire list just gets deleted for no reason that alone makes me want to give it a lower rating but I do love the app just wish I didn’t have to go re-favorite all of my shows I want to watch they just stay on there


I use kissanime frequently. After about a year of watching shows with ads, I decided to pay the $7 or so to get rid of the ads. BEFORE the above took place, I had been watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei just fine. I logged out. I logged back in. *phew* I remembered my email and password that I used for the app! I then proceeded to make the purchase. Purchase successful. It asked me to restart the app to see that the changes would take place. I did, and got back on the app. None of the shows seem to work that I had been watching. Instead of 3-4 links, there is 1. And the 1 never works. Odd.. So, I logged out and tried to log back in. Mysteriously, it said my email and/or password was incorrect. Keep in mind, I had JUST relogged in prior to my purchase — I know for a fact the email and password were correct. I tried logging in on their website version (been using the app) in my web browser. No luck there either. I go back to the app, click on “contact us,” and it gives me a dead link. Seriously?? I deleted the app. I redownloaded the app. I tried logging in again. My account doesn’t exist, however. I proceed to make another account using the exact same email, password, etc. It actually let me create the account, even though it was all LITERALLY the same exact information. Once the account was created for the 2nd time, I clicked the “restore purchase” button or whatever it is in settings, closed the app, opened the app, and still no luck. Wow. App ran just fine prior to them taking my money, despite the annoying ads. For this reason alone, I cannot recommend their app.

Great app

The app it’s awesome because I can watch any anime I want. The thing that I hate most is that all the anime in my favorites keep getting deleted and I had to add everything all over again. It has happen 4 times now and it’s getting annoying. Please fix the app.

It’s wast money I wish I don’t bought it or download it

It’s wast money I wish I don’t bought it or download it it’s scam

Good app

App can jump around a lot causing you to tap ads.

Way too many ads

I physically cannot even begin to describe how much frustration this app has caused me. I simply wanted a good app to watch anime on and then to be bombarded by ads and no matter which way I went about it unable to watch a single episode of ANY anime. And then 6 dollars for them to remove the ads? This app is a joke and I’m disappointed I even downloaded it.


Doesn't work, videos don't play, won't let you login in.


This app NEVER works. You might get lucky and get through a few episodes, but it’s guaranteed to let you down. The videos fail to load constantly, but go figure, the ads work EVERY time. If free is this frustrating, I’ll gladly pay for a competitor’s app.

Not working

Once the episode loads an add covers the whole screen and im unable to watch the anime. I have tried with multiple different animes and all have the same thing. The add pop up is getting quite annoying infact i had just deleted the app because of this problem.

Terrible app

This app used to be good but now you can’t watch anything. All it does is have ads you can’t get rid of or doesn’t work !

Use the actual site

This one’s full of ads that a) break links by not being closable or b) open other apps when launching a video. The actual site isn’t as broken so just use that

Love dis app yo

Best anime streaming app out here

It’s great when it works.

All of a sudden I can’t watch a single thing! as soon as I press play it either brings me to the iTunes Store or to some probably virus site and I have tried closing the app and even re downloading it and nothing changed.

The ads! The ads!

I get that the dev wants to support it. This app kinda isn’t good as it is and there are ads for EVERYTHING you click on. An ad for everything I watch I get, but every touchpoint. No. Bad design.

inappropriate ads

when i tap on a video to watch it freezes and sexual apps appear along with websites. remove those please!!!

Way too many freaking ads

I cant even get to watch the anime, the free website is even better than this crap

Three stars at best

You can just store your fav anime in one place is all. To watch them, the app takes you to websites which you could also do on web browsers by yourself.


This app costs $3. A minute into using it I’ve already seen 10 ads. I’m not paying for you to make more money off of me.

Doesn’t work

Does not work

Can’t access the app from ads

Every video you open has an ad then when you try to watch, the ad redirects you to the ad itself which is a total scam because it won’t let you watch the videos. This app is a fraud.

Still ads

The remove ads option that I paid six bucks for doesn’t even remove ads. Half the screen is still taken up by a giant grey space for no reason and since there are pop up ads on mobile I literally can’t even watch certain shows that only have a link one


It’s dope

Almost Unusable

For paying $3 for the app, it's almost unusable due to the amount of ads. Playing another episode is extremely frustrating due to slow loading and consistently dealing with ads. Why did I buy the app if i have to pay another $6 to get rid of ads for an app that didn't meet normal standards. Trash. Good selection tho

Please fix

Okay everytime when I try to hit a anime and when it does it add, I skip through it etc so I’m about to watch it and right when I hit play it goes to a other add on the anime screen showing me some lady and this is kinda pissing me off how it does that every time It doesn’t stop doing it please update it and stuff please

Would you like to pay for spam?

I thought I had found a way to eliminate my Hulu bill. I was sadly mistaken. So I try various servers and different links and still couldn’t watch season two of My Hero Academia. Each link and server led to a pop up, ads or spam. It’s atrocious wasting money on such a worthless app.

Best app ever

I love this app

The worst Anime App ever

When I first installed this app, I thought this would be the app that will ease my frustration for watching anime online for free. Despite a few ads popping up, I was still able to watch all my favorite anime shows with almost no interruptions. Now with constant pop up not just when I’m about select an episode to watch, but also, WHEN THE FREAKING EPISODE IS ABOUT TO START!!!! Every time I want to use the app, the app loads the ad the second the episode barely started the episode causing the video to not play at all. This has now become the worst anime app to ever be used unless the issue has been dealt with.

Constant Adds

When I try to watch a episode it interrupts with a add about someone that can turn themselves into any game of Thrones Character, if this problem didn’t happen I would have given more Stars.


I love this app but the ads and virus now pop up

Having problems

The past week at times I can’t watch the video I wanted to see do to always going to adds! Tried one time for an hour and wouldn’t let me on any Anime I was trying to watch. Before this I was enjoying this app A lot

Pretty awesome

Pretty awesome app but it looks like the older version had more anime than this one! Also is it me or the app got so many viruses now

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